Inakatei Japanese Restaurant, Cheras Leisure Mall

Have passed by Inakatei countless time, but I was never tempted to walk in, until Miss Cousin suggested that I have a go at Inakatei.

I like it here - clean and although plainly decorated, Inakatei exudes comfy-ness. But what i love most is it is quiet in here! Don't need ill-behaved patrons to ruin my much needed peaceful meal ;)

Tatami seats are available, but only occupiable if you come in a group of six or eight. I know some Japanese eatery charges extra if you take the tatami, but I'm not sure bout Inatakei.

Origami cranes are hung on the wall

Green Tea RM1.50

Salmon Roll RM9.00

Slightly over the "pricey" spectrum, but the thick salmon chunks wrapped in a layer of crispy seaweed is simply delightful.

Seafood Ramen RM15.00

This did not disappoint. Served in clear, miso broth, topped with prawns, crabsticks, squid, halved egg, bean sprouts, chives and julienned black fungus and carrots.

I observe that seafood ramen
tend to be served in a (more) milky broth, but Inakatei's version seems (and tasted) a little different. Milder. Nonetheless, still pretty good! And the chewy texture of ramen noodles (generally) is a plus point.

Revisit: Yes

Total Bill = RM28.05 inc 10% SVC
Service worth a mention.

Inakatei Japanese Restaurant
L2-24B, 2nd Floor, Cheras Leisure Mall
(on the same floor as Starbucks, one door away)
tel: 03-9132 6924