Nearly a year on hiatus!

I. Will. Be. Back!

Restoran Kin Kin, Pandan Indah

Perhaps it's the fame, or it's just my (biased) belief; whatever the reason, I'm still vouching for Kin Kin "superiority" - for serving the best chilli pan mein in town.

Stumbled upon this branch one fine Saturday when we were hunting for food and it's like a blessing, for the shop is fully air-conditioned, unlike the main branch which is perpetually packed. Who wouldn't like that? A clean and air-conditioned environment vs one where patrons ends up dripping with sweat? Choice is yours ;)

Here, fittings are kept minimal; there's only a cashier counter, tables and chairs for dining, and a few pieces of paintings and framed reviews about the shop on the wall. With the glass walls installed (instead of conventional cement walls), that would definitely lure attention from passers-by, at the same time proving the hygienic state of their shop. Wise!

Orders didn't take long to arrive; it was already 2.30pm and the lunch crowd has since dispersed.

The star ingredient. Very fiery.

Don't know how many of you stomach these a-spoonful. Just a dab, and I'm already feeling the burn.

Consuming the bowl of dry pan mein, without chilli mixed in.

The pan mein, topped with poached egg, anchovies, minced meat and fried shallots. Unlike most who mixes the chili with the noodle before eating, I prefer to have them separately, dabbing just a little to the noodles only when i feel like it. That way, I can sample the original taste of the noodles.

Sweet potato leaves soup, with remnants of poached eggs. Naturally sweet.

Just add a spoon of soup to the noodles if it's too dry for your liking. Else, can opt for the soup version.

Pork balls - must have!

Herbal tea (Home-made loh hon guo)

Total: RM17.00 (pan mee X 2 + herbal tea X 2 + pork balls)

Revisit: Yes

Restoran Kin Kin
6-G, Jalan Perubatan 4
Off Jalan Pandan Ilmu
Pandan Indah

The Vintry, Medan Damansara

Casual fine-dining

Primarily a wine shop and bar, The Vintry, located at Medan Damansara, is well-hidden behind the more visible row that has accommodated Victoria Station and Sri Ayutthaya (amongst others) for years.

To complement their selection of wines, Vintry also offer an array of "meaty" delights (mainly pork), namely tapas, salads, mains, burgers and sandwiches. Oh, yes, a decent list of desserts for the sweet-tooth too!

Ushered to the upper level when we arrived, we were told to leave by 9pm as all tables were reserved. In fact, at 6.30pm, most already are.

Although a 2-storey shop, seats are limited as half of its floor space is taken up by the wine racks; leaving little ground for tables, and it certainly didn't help by placing bigger couches on both floors. And because the walking isle is so narrow, you might knock into others unintentionally.

The Exclusive First Floor

Today's Special

Dine in a dimly-lit ambiance.

Food for the (Hungry) Souls

Vintry's signature dish, Roast Pork, "made with traditional recipe"
RM7 per 100g

Neither good nor bad. It was nothing out of ordinary; just wasn't as "fine" as what others claimed it to be.

Sauteed Mushroom RM14
Fried with olive oil, lots of finely-chopped garlic and basil leaves.

The halved mushrooms are saturated with garlic bits and basil leaves, but I'm glad that the combination of both ingredients hadn't overpowered the original flavor. Not too bad, this dish.

BBQ Pork Ribs RM 49
Six pieces of ribs, served with green salad, and a side of mash.

Marinated well and good in taste, but I have to say, ribs are definitely not the easiest piece to eat. Only five, six bites from each rack, the effort needed to separate the meat from its rib is a pain. Makes me wanna stop eating after a while. Oh well, perhaps it's just me being lazy ;)

But the yummy mash has kept me desiring for more.

Last but not least...

TO-DIE-FOR Tiramisu RM 12

This, my darling blog followers, IS the BEST reward from the visit. Served chilled, the glass of sweet is a blend of mascarpone cheese with layers of coffee-flavored cake bits drenched in coffee liqueur. I'd go back to Vintry just for this!

Great desserts finds redemption! :)

Total = RM 90.20 inclusive of the customary 10% SCV.

The Vintry Cellar
130, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
(right behind Victoria Station)

Tel : 03-20948262
Reservation recommended.

Value-for-money Set Lunches @ Plus One Shabu Shabu, 1 Utama

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There you go peeps, a great steal from Plus One Shabu Shabu!
Value-for-money set lunches from RM9.90.

Mixed Set? Sliced Fish Set? Chicken Set? Pork Loin Set?
Rib Eye Set? Mutton Set? or the Homemade Ball Set?

Your call. All is priced at RM12.90 each, except the Mixed Set, at only RM9.90.

Each serving (or set) feeds one, and it comes with fish balls, fish slices, yau mak (Romaine lettuce), pumpkin slices, enoki mushroom, prawn, crabstick, chicken meat, fu-chuk (beancurd sheets) and dried noodle.

Mutton slices and homemade balls are dished separately.

And not forgetting, the range of soups to choose from; Papaya Soup, Fish Soup, Chew Chow Soup, Japanese Miso Soup, Tom Yam, or Coriander & Preserved Egg Soup, whichever rock your taste buds.

Chew Chow or Tom Yam Soup? Both equally good as appetite enhancer!

The homemade balls (made up of an assortment of mushroom pork and fish balls) are a must-have.

Noteworthy, every weekday, Plus One have a RM1 promo for their selected side dish. If I'm not mistaken, the promo for mushroom pork balls falls on every Fridays. RM 1 for 4 pieces. Can't get any cheaper!

Sauces corner - plenty of dipping!

Mango or Orange cordial are served on the house.

Total: RM 28.40 (inclusive of 10% SVC). Definitely a steal !

Plus One Shabu Shabu
F337-F338, First Floor
Centre Court
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)
Tel: 03-7725 3322

Singapore Food Hunt, October 2008

1/ Food Republic, Wisma Atria @ Orchard Road

Clockwise from top left: Singapore Prawn Mee $9 (big), Fried Carrot Cake $4 & Barbecued Chicken Wings $1.30/pc

Out of the three, I like the Barbecued Chicken Wings best, which sells like hot cakes. The chili dip was a perfect complement to everything (including the Oyster Omelette, not in pic, available from the same stall of Fried Carrot Cake) and is a delight to our palate.

The Oyster Omelette is also recommended; where the oysters (plain, unbattered and semi-cooked) are splat in the middle of the omelette - different from the presentation here in KL, where oysters are fried together with eggs and tapioca flour.

2/ Lavender Food Square @ 380 Jln Besar S209000

Stall #01-02 Song Kee Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle

Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle $3

Words had it that this is one of Singapore's specialty; hence my every reason to try.

Also referred to as bak chor mee, the springy noodles are tossed in black sauce and vinegar, and topped with spoonful of minced pork meat, lean meat, liver, sliced mushroom and greens on the side.

The first mouth was greeted by a strong foretaste of vinegar, which sets me aback, because I've never liked vinegar, but the strong-smelling taste subsided a bit after a few mouthful.

Stall #01-04 Long House Miow Sin Popiah & Carrot Cake

M ordered a piece of popiah to try ($1.50) as this stall had receive numerous recommendations from the media. The popiah skins are made as they sell and has a mild salty taste. Wrapped with julienned eggs, turnip, beansprouts, and chopped peanuts. Thumbs up from M.

Stall #01-14 Ah Long Pancake

Die Die Must Try, this is what the signage says.

So we did. This is good stuff. At $1.10 per piece, crunchy on the side yet pleasantly soft in the middle, the prawn fritters were still crispy when we had it for supper. It's quite oily, so if you must, drain them on tissue / paper towels before eating.

Other hot-selling items from this stall includes pancake, which I feel is lacking in quality compared to KL's version.

Stall#01-17 Eminent Frog Porridge

Not bad, but still lacking the WOW-factor.

(Still prying on a chance to try Geylang's porridge).

Claypot Frog Porridge $8

1 (frog) for $8, buy 2 get one free for $17

3/ Cheng Mun Chee Pig Organ Soup @ 24 Foch Rd (off Beatty Lane)

House specialty includes pig organ soup and pig trotter in black vinegar.

They have another stall in Lavender Food Square, which is just a minute walk away from this main outlet on Foch Road. According to other hawkers in LFS though, this main shop serves better food.

Business is so good that they can afford to practice a the self-service approach

$5.40 for the Pork Organ Soup (big portion), $0.50 for a bowl of rice

Good for two. Clear pepper soup (me likeyyy!) with salted vege, pork slices, pork balls and the usual innards - stomach and liver and slices of tofu.

Jia Jia Herbal Drink $ 1.30
Singapore-made natural herbal tea - concoction of ginseng (as if!), loh hon guo and chrysanthemum.

Revisit: Anytime!